Exercise scheme

Exercise scheme

10 minutes = 1 hour in the gym!


1. Beginners begin with low speeds of vibration until their bodies are strengthened.
2. Choose your 10 poses. Hold on to every posture for one minute.
3. Do not do exercises immediately after eating.
4. Drink plenty of water!
5. Have fun


Stand straight in the center with a straight back and a tight belly. Feel the vibration throughout the body.

Embroider on the width of the shoulders, straighten the back, knees bent, tighten the leg muscles. Feel the vibration in the back, buttocks and legs

A spread of standing. Slowly squat and straighten as you tighten the leg muscles. Enhances muscle. On the back, buttocks and legs

Spread the half-squat with the toes dissolved outward. Slowly crouch as if you want to sit on the edge of a chair.

Stand with one foot collapsed in the upper outer corner of the platform and the other leg back up. Hold 15-30 sec. And then change the legs.

Undercut hands on the outer edge of the platform as shown. Drop and lift the pelvis slowly. Do it several times

Sit on the floor, your back touching the platform. Your elbows are on the platform, sedežt to be upright. Removes tension in the shoulder girdle and upper back.

With your hands on the platform, kneel before it with your back, tighten your abdominal muscles. Slowly squeeze out and go home to the platform.

Put your hands open forward and into the sides of the platform, kneeling in front of it. The back is upright and the head is raised. Slowly move forward until your shoulders stand above your palms and then return to the starting position.

Place the hands on the platform on the width of the shoulders, legs and head to face. Gently priveždajte back and forth as you move from the elbows. Repeat several times

Place one foot in front of the other, one hand on the plate. Hold the body in a stretched position. Tighten it. Tighten and sitting area muscles.

Place the predlaktnicite on the shoulder-width plate, grasp the back end of the slab. Stretch your back tighten your abdominal muscles and give the body forward.

Sit in the center of the plate, spread wide, slowly slide your hands down towards the toes by bend forward. When straightening tighten abdominal muscles.

Keep your head with your hands and do sit-ups. Hold the cross and the seat of the slab.

Sit in the center of the slab. Grasp the handles, slowly lifting the legs alternately, and then both at once. You can also ride a bike or make scissors.

Stand sideways on the slab. Slightly fold one knee, the other leg remains stretched back as you tighten the gluteal muscles. Turn around and do the same with the other leg.

Stand straight on the platform and grasp the belts, tighten the buttocks, abdominal muscles and arms muscles. Just keep the belts straight, don’t drop them.

Embroider, as the heels are outside the slab, the back is upright. Lean your hands on the console. Increase the speed to relieve low back pain and tone the muscles in the legs.

Stand in front of the platform. Stretch your hands back, do not stretch the belts, feel only resistance. Extend the thorax, collect the blades, raise the gaze below 45 ͦ degrees forward.

Stand in front of the platform, stretch your hands, do not pull belts, feel only resistance. Tighten the muscles of the hands, slowly twist the shoulders.

Place the shank on the platform with a step backwards. The body is upright, hands are placed on the other knee. Tighten the abdomen, gently bend forward to stretch the thigh.

Lie aside with your folded legs, place your hand on the plate and relax. Change the posture and do the same with the other hand.

Sit on a chair in front of the slab. Place the feet in the center to give yourself a massage. To enhance the blood circulation, move the steps to the edges of the plate and adjust the speed.

Place a mattress with the thickness of the slab. Lie down and place your seat on the slab. Relax and enjoy your massage and improved circulation throughout the body.

Put the shank on the plate, lie down on the floor and slowly swirl the legs, massage the leg muscles and improve the lymphatic drainage.

Exercise scheme

You can view the scheme on our site or download it and use it offline.