VIBRO FIT BULGARIA LTD. provides for all vibrotherapy machines, purchased from it, a guarantee for their good work for the purpose when observing the manufacturer’s instructions for a period of 24 months and it is valid from the date of issuance of the cash receipt and/or invoice. If the payment is made by a bank transfer – from the date of the document for the bank transfers. If the product is leased – from the date of the receipt of the product.

Upon filing of the claim you must present to us: a valid receipt and/or invoice and warranty card. Your warranty card must be correctly filled in with all the necessary data such as: brand, model, serial number /if any/, date, stamp, signature and details of the merchant or store. All these documents must be originals, not copies.

You can send your defective equipment in the warranty period free of charge only after a preliminary call to us and after your claim is accepted as valid. You will receive precise instructions on how to complete and pack your product, with which courier and with what description to send it to us and at which address. We recommend that you keep the original packaging of your product as it will be best able to store it if it is necessary to transport it to another location.

VIBRO FIT BULGARIA LTD. does not bear any warranty liability in the following cases:

– The damage has occurred as a result of non-observance of the instructions for exploitation and storage specified in the accompanying documentation;

– Damages occurring during transportation, mechanical damages to the casing or display;

– An attempt to remove the defect by an unauthorized by the trader entities;

– An attempt to adulterate the warranty card, the factory number or lack of a warranty card;

– Damage caused by natural disasters (thunder, floods, earthquakes, fires, etc.), from electrocution, from falling of liquids and insects in the device, damp environment, etc.

– Use of the devices in conjunction with other faulty or incompatible modules and devices.

– In case of incorrect installation done by the buyer that do not comply with the enclosed schemes, the warranty becomes invalid.

– Not subject to free warranty service are: grinding, loose connections due to usage, cosmetic parts and parts separating from the main body of the appliance, plastic decorations, handles, rubber seals, vinyls, bouncing surfaces, belts, bearings, ropes, reels, strips, consumable parts, elastics and bushings with limited service life. Batteries, consumables and external power supplies.

– The goods are damaged during transportation.

You can make your claim orally or in writing at the address of VIBRO FIT BULGARIA LTD., or by e-mail: office@vibrofit-bg.com, or by using the complaint form on our website: www.vibrofit-bg.com. You should describe in detail the problem. Whenever you send us an email, please indicate your name, telephone number and convenient time to contact you. Please note that if you have  sent incorrectly data to communicate with you and therefore we can not contact you, we do not have any time limit on the claim.

In case of a reasonable return we will replace the defective module or the whole machine and will send you a new one or a repaired one.

In the event of an unjustified claim, we will notify you of this and the reasons why we believe that your claim is unfounded and we will return the machine you sent to us at your expense.